Announcement of Batumi Consolate

The announcement made by Batumi Consulate, located opposite the Adria Customs in Batumi, the driver of “mud park” is called T Park officials in the Turkish lorries Consulate General said parking on complaints received from the park forced the driver that they put officials were informed that he was visited by.

According to the information we obtained from the Consulate General in Batumi and Customs Attaché, driver safety unit on our complaints and expressions have launched an investigation into the park. our drives by the park entrance is at the discretion of the authorities, forced to park in any of the park rangers are unable to express their orientation.

In this regard, our drives said park (mud park) to enter is not recommended, Turkish trucks of our driver, if force in mud park taking matters +995 our Consulate General of the 577 401 231 number mobile phone will be able to be supporting them if they provide information reaching the authorities.

On the other hand, T transition in density paperwork in time when there are completely ready, which means the Gulf park called continue to limit use to enter the sequential park are advised not to enter the road police çevirmedik of Gulf Park.